lowdown on the badbitch


picgifs-crowns-2815014My story isn’t a very original one. I, like so many gays before me, struggled to fit in with people aro0und me in the small, semi-rural community that I was brought up in. Through school I was bullied relentlessly, and it became my daily hell. I withdrew a lot, I was shy because I doubted myself and feared provoking any extra attention being thrown in my direction. I finished year 12 when I was just 16 years old, far too young to be deciding the course of my life. 

It was at the point of me leaving school and not being forced to face my tormenters, who I feared, daily that I began to explore who I was, trying out new things without the constraints of trying to conform and blend in. It’s not easy to shake insecurities that have been reinforced into your psyche for almost your whole life, and I know that wholly loving myself, all of myself, is a goal that I may never achieve in this lifetime, but I’m determined to progress as close to that point as I can get during my time on this earth.

Even from a place where I do not wholly live a life reflecting the message I want to send out into the world, it is my aim to empower the ‘different’ kids to not have to struggle to conform but to embrace who they are as early in life as possible. I want to be a beacon of change and hope, and I may not have the world at my fingertips but I do have the power created by love and positive energy, and if enough of us are willing to stand up for the weird kids then we can hopefully start a ball of change, growing as it gains momentum.

At least if change slow to happen, as it tends to be, my story will hopefully be heard by somebo0dy who needs to know that it does get better and that knowledge can be there talisman while enduring the unfair cruelty that they are sadly facing.

Love yourself and love each other. It really is that simple.


For anyone interested in hearing more, anyone who needs a supportive friend, for anyone who just wants to say hey….

hit me up!


3 thoughts on “lowdown on the badbitch

    1. Haha don’t underestimate just how hard you slay! Thank you so much for your kind comment, you have no idea what it means to me to me right now. Stay slay, beautiful x.

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