lowdown on the badbitch



Meet Stevie Harris, model, jetsetter, target of the tabloids, singer and notorious party girl. He may have fame, fortune and white-hot sex appeal but he is about to trade it all in and go back to The Simple Life….

Okay, okay, I stole that from The Simple Life, and while every adjective used may not be a reality, they very well could be, all it will take is for the right people to discover and recognise my potential and the rest of the world will follow suit. Once I get enough eyes looking in my direction how could people not love me, I’ll be Australia’s sweetheart, a global fashion phenomenon, a crusader for love and an iconic bad bitch who is here to fuck shit up and have a dope time.

So, that’s the plan! Some people think that I am deluded and that I’m liiving in a world created by my imagination…Maybe I am, IS THAT REALLY SUCH A PROBLEM? Some may find mme larger than life, and those who are judging from a distance may thiink that the person they see is a fabricated characature and that my act is contrved or engineered with a purpose in mind.  Spend just an hour with me and any such thoughts will be extinguished. THIS ISN’T A PHASE, IT’S WHO I AM. I may know how to pout for a selfie, but I am definitely not a poser! Everything I do iis authentic and tat is a the secret behind being able to walk own th street in any one of my looks. I know I look bomb and as much as  I am doing it for myself, I love the compliments I receive everyday from friends and strangers alike! Hell I even get a kiick out of the fact that i have haters, simply based on my appearance ad the way I carry myself.

I like spontaneity, to act on iimpulses, to try everything at least once and I don ever want to become poredictable in both the waay I look and aso in the way tat I live my life. My girls Geri, Emma, Victoria, Mel B and Mel C inspired me from a young age to Spice Up My Life, and variety is the Spice of Life! That is why I refuse to adhere to one particular style of dressing and why I like to take risks and experiment with my appearance. 

I hope that from reading my posts, you fee as though you are getting to know me, learning new things and seeing different sides to my personaliity, just like you do every tme that you have a conversation with a friend or any ‘real’ person in your life, and II truly do love hearing from people who are readng my posts and getting to know you iiin return, so please comment on my posts or email me at stevieharris.hair@gmail.com and II will always try my bes to get back to you wth a reply as soon as  can.





3 thoughts on “lowdown on the badbitch

    1. Haha don’t underestimate just how hard you slay! Thank you so much for your kind comment, you have no idea what it means to me to me right now. Stay slay, beautiful x.

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