Starting wars with filthy whores

You think that you are a magician 

That you foolin us that you have secured your position 

Talk is cheap – cheap and nasty like your weave

Is that roadkill that you’re wearing I’m about to heave

Ho heave ho ATTEN-HUT 

You are nothing but a dirty slut


You’re probs about to prolapse so you best be clenching 
Bussy been abused all these years now Got it beaten and dented 

your bucket ass is looking 50 shades of demented 

You are curdled bitch, you’re out of date and your yeast has fermented

This is probably how home brew was invented 

Free pot with a Parma you’ve been eaten by the whole footy club 

Even the hobo down at Alma park gets you to polish his nub

You ratchet cumdump whore you let that nasty dick inside of you orally 

In broad daylight at a playground because you are bankrupt morally

Don’t bother clappin back you can’t beat the Lord, your saviour 

And I won’t tolerate any more of your petulant behaviour 

This is your warning and you should know that I don’t give chances twice

Next move is on you, will you tap out or are you going to roll the dice?

You may be laughing now but I’ll get the last laugh at the end of this war

It will be at your funeral I’m about to bury you, whore


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