High as a kite

And you just might stop to check my shoes out!
How bangin’ are my new sneakers? Ever since I slipped my foot into its first ever heel – it was a Cuban heeled riding boots me I’ll never forget it, I have been chasing the elusive dragon that everybody is chasing….

Just a few extra inches?

Ladies, am I right? Mhmm gurlfrannnn! 

*side note – if my experiences with people guessing the height of these platforms and of measurements given on Grindr are anything to go by, people are very incorrect about what an inch actually looks like. 

It is actually very interesting not just on what is said by people in the streets as I take the streets as though they were a catwalk and I were Naomi Campbell –

More like Slay-omi Campbell!

but also who it is that is giving me mad props on my stylish kicks. It would appear that it is older women and straight, middle aged males that froff them the hardest, or perhaps they are just groups of people who tend to voice their thoughts on anything more so than other demographics. 

Whatever the case, I’m loving the stir that they cause whenever I risk my ankles (and dignity) that could so easily be shattered by a fall from the sartorial platform I am elevated to. No matter what I pair them with, a spotlight is thrust upon me so it gives mercenary more reason to make sure I’m so on point I could draw blood in every other aspect of my appearance. 

This look here is a fun little number I popped on for a day at Westfield. I love the contrasting bright colours and how long my legs appear thanks to my shoes and micro mini shorts. I did about 10 hours walking on this day without more than 5 minutes sitting at any one time which is quite the achievement as it is, but let me tell you a little secret… 

the shoes are two sizes too small. 

Yep, making them infinitely more difficult and painful for me to wear was the fact that I couldn’t even get my whole foot to fit when I first go them, but I had fallen in love upon seeing them and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like sizing stop me from owning these beauties. 

All gay men know that with enough perseverance and determination (and in some cases a certain amount of Chrisco) you can always make it fit, so keep on pushing! 

Besides fashion isn’t supposed to be comfortable or easy.

Stay sassy my babes!



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