I’m coming for you

Here’s a warning and it might be a little graphic 

Bitch you didn’t know that I was this psychopathic 

I’m going to get into your head like I’m psychic – telepathic 

Gunna fuck with your mind so hectic you’ll wanna jump into oncoming traffic 

But you should know better than to think I’d let you off that easy 

didn’t think about the consequences when you started acting sleazy 

Honey you so used up that your bucket ass is gross and greasy 

And your bones are getting sore from too much time down on your knee-Zy 

Pity for you greatness isn’t counted by how much cock you gobble 

Now I’m going to bomb your world till it’s just a pile of rubble 

By now I bet you wish you hadn’t started all of this trouble 

I’m about to beat your dumb arse – you’ll be seeing double 

I don’t really care if this don’t sink into your tiny brain 

Because when I’m finished with you faggot you won’t be around to make the same mistake again 

I bet you probably wish that when you started playing this game  

That somebody told you I’m the king – peasant get out of my lane  


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