With a cactus, please 

​I’ve always been the type to wear my heart on my sleeve 

Now I’m putting a message on my chest and signing it sincerely Steve 

Let this serve as your eviction because it’s about time that you leave 

Now get the fuck up out my face boo before I snatch out your weave

Won’t be walking when I’m through with you – Christopher Reeve 

Fuck up your brain you will need a machine to keep talking 

A low IQ version of the great Stephen Hawking 

You maybe laughing now but you won’t be for long 

I’m bout to go hulk on your ass ima go crazy King Kong 

You’ll be Fay Ray you’re a helpless little bitch 

And I’ll drop you to the ground quicker than I can drop a stitch 

You think you’re model material – you think you’re Abercrombie and Fitch 

But you’re gross and you’re soggy just like yesterday’s cereal 

You’re alone in this world nobody will cry at your funeral 

So please do us a favour and make it happen real soon for real 

                 Go fuck yourself 🖤


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