Kelly O(no-no-no-no-no)

I’m sorry but how on earth did Kelly Osbourne ever get cast as a panel member on E’s Fashion Police?

She could slay multiple outfits, every day for the rest of her life and she still couldn’t earn enough style points to atone for her very long and very public emo phase.

Maybe if papa wasn’t so permanently addled due to consuming amounts of drugs unheard of by other humans, he could have preached some lessons in style to his ensembley challenged daughter. Unfortunately, his brain must be more fried than even I thought, as he seems to be proud as punch of his little emopunk princess/  fashion victim daughter.


This is as glam as it gets for the Kelly O of the 00’s. The only thing cheaper than her white gloves is her cheap, polyester wig.


She looks like a bulldog in kitten heels. Who even wears pedal pushers on a red carpet?


Ursula the sea witch would appreciate if you stopped jacking her swag,


Kelly Osbourne-to be a fashion flop, can I get an amen, sister friend?



Her fluffy earmuffs must have drowned out everyones advice to not wear them to sit front row.


Is that a corporate blazer and satin corset top that I see? Luckily, her tiara reminds us that she is a punk princess and therefore above reproach.


It’s only cute when Avril does it. Stop trying to keep up KellyBelly


Nobody for a second believes that you have a boyfriend so ditch the slogan tee and matching mustard eyeshadow, honey.

P.S. Ctrimping is not a thing


Shedding a tear that she couldn’t achieve more volume in her hair.

Do you understand the point I am trying to make here or do I need to continue with the heinous photos?

Not even her iconic, ‘X-Tina is a X-unt’ rant is enough to justify her pace on the panel.


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