denim hair – love or loathe?

I love blue denim but I find that as soon as I slip into a pair of jeans in a colour other than black I become a daggy 90’s mum with a perm AND mullet.


While in the pants department I am 100% committed to black skinnies, thankfully Inhave found other ways to inject some hot blue jean action into my wardrobe.


I have jean shorts, jackets, vests, button up shirts, t-shirts and hats in every shade of denim under the sun.



Double denim – I’m feeling it


Triple denim – I’m all over that like a rash


But my new favourite way to wear it…?

My hair!!


I’m not the first to give this look a go, I followed in he fashionable footsteps of trendsetters like Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne. Unlike the ladies pictured below, I chose to keep my roots a more natural shade of brown and rock a ballyage look.

Photo on 13-3-17 at 18_Fotor

Rather than the sleek, glossy versions seen above, my colour result is more raw and unpolished which I love and works well with the brunette roots. The colour makes me think of a stormy ocean. I was a bit bored of going attention stealing, bright and poppy colours and this muted blue is the perfect middle ground between those types of fashion colours and having a natural shade of hair and it really makes my eyes sparkle!

denim eyes

Do you love or loathe this new look? Have you tried the trend? Show me pics!

And for anybody in Melbourne who wants to spice up their look – I am a freelance hairdresser specialising in colour and style! email me at and we can chat about booking you in for a colour change!






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