This isn’t a phase, it’s who I am

Let’s take a look back at some of Hollywood’s finest former selves and moments that they would rather we forget 

Remember when Nicole richie was a chunky party girl who was arrested for possession of heroin?


Remember when Kylie Jenner was a weird looking troll child? Pre-lips



 Remember that before devoting her life to humanitarian work, Angelina Jolie was a drug addicted, brother kissing, bisexual with a penchant for knife play and all things taboo?



Remember when Nicole Richie was shadier than a willow tree when it came to Kim Kardashian?

And that time Paris was as shady as a beach umbrella about Kim Kardashian?


Remember when Fergie pissed her pants on stage? I bet she regrets making ‘My Humps’ as long as it is after this little incident.


Or even more mortifying – the fact that she had her eyebrow pierced. We get it Fergie Ferg you were a meth addict, you don’t need to advertise it so blatantly


Thank god the internet exists to keep these moments fresh in our minds


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