I’m way less appealing without the pretty pictures. 

Apparently I have reached my media upload limit on WordPress which means my posts can only include photos and videos that I have already uploaded and no new content. 

I guess this is why you should ALWAYS actually read the terms and conditions in life. I’m sure if I’d taken the time to even skim that pesky little footnote full of boring legal jargon and presented in minuscule typeface I would have been warned of my limited uploads. But no, I clicked the ‘I agree’ option with reckless abandon. It may have saved me a couple of minutes at the time but now has caused nothing but heartache and misery. 

I feel so stupid with the lavish way in which I have wasted my upload potential. I made it rain with stupid gifs, awful selfies and uploading whole albums before selecting a final image to attach to my posts. 

My wastefulness was on an equivalent of a person only wearing a pair of underwear once, discarding their undergarments at the end of each day – rather than search my library of previous uploads I would use up precious memory space with duplicate (and triplicate) copies of the same thing. 

Maybe I deserve this, maybe this is my karma. A  cruel punishment designed to teach me a lesson, but the cruelest part of it all is it is not just me that is made to pay, but all of you as my volume of posts surely will dry to a trickle without being able to attach a selfie (or 17). 

If anybody knows what I must do to be able to share myself shamelessly – and unapologetically- hit me up and let a sister in on the secrets. 

I promise to learn from my mistakes, if you just give me another chance. 

Truly, I am 


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