Wax on/ wax off 

Today I tried using strip free hot wax for the first time, it was a roaring success if I do say so myself (and I generally do).

I used Nair Salon Divine  which is now a product I would highly recommend to anybody looking to ditch the hair down there, on their legs, arms, stomach and chest but  my recommendation doesn’t extend to clearing up growth on the other down there, being your XXX area – some things are best left to the pros – or to use the product on more sensitive zones like the face and underarms. 

Because I like a challenge – but mostly because I accidentally binned the instructions, I was left to navigate my first time with little knowledge on what I was supposed to be doing, much like the way I fumbled through Sex for the first time  

Fortunately, things went much better for me this time than they did when I swiped my V card.

I decided to film the process about halfway through, to assist any future home beauticians who like me may have lost there instructions or people who are unable to read, to offer guidance and serve as an instructional guide.




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