Rap battle round 1 – step up to the ring

I’ve just about had enough

Your presence is bugging me and I’m ready to get rough 

The reason you’re invited it ain’t about you

You probably don’t understand that tho, you’re so stupid, boo 

It’s because I said no that I didn’t want you coming around ho 

So now he won’t cut you off because he has to be running the show 

It’s a power struggle honey, you know he’s got a big ego 

But he will be mine forever he has me by his side wherever he go

I will always be his number one choice 

You’re a fucking Datsun bitch I’m a god damn rolls Royce

Put us in a lineup he’s like I want that one 

And you know his finger pointing in my direction 

To him I’m like Viagra honey you murder his erection 

You make his dicky-Dicky go all floppy-floppy 

You’re buckets copped a beating and it’s getting sloppy-sloppy

I’m authentic legit and you’re a cheap copy-copy
Yeah you may be around and you might think that makes you hot shit 

But he is addicted to me and I’m a habit he don’t want to quit

You’ve been around for this long and your ass still ain’t got hit

But I’m calling lights out – your times up fuckwit  

(Bye bye, Cunt)


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