Guns & Roses

So this is the new tattoo. 

Welcome to the family. 

What does it mean, though? Is it a tribute to the aging rock band? I think my mum would like that, she was quite the rock & roll gal back in her day and had she not fallen pregnant at 17 (yep, Shell Bell was the OG teen mom) she definitely had potential to become quite the groupie. Unfortunately for slash and his pals, mum never did give a roadie a gobby to get backstage at a gig andthey are not the inspiration for my latest inkwork.

Is it a metaphor showing something mankade that can be so brutal and destructive juxtaposed with the rose – beautiful and from the earth. Humans have destroyed so much of a once beautiful planet, replacing the trees that once grew undisturbed with cities and buildings and concrete ugliness. This planet will likely meet its demise due to human interference, there is no denying that global warming is real and if it’s not too late, going back to a more natural and organic way of life may be the key to salvation… yeah it could be that except I am the kind of guy that was made for the big city so it would be a very hypocritical message to have permenantly etched upon my arm. 

Is it a make love not war piece. Is my answer to ending violence shoving flowers into the barrel of a gun so that they cannot shoot the contents of their barrel? Well I do personally oppose violence and war, I am not stupid/ foolishly optimistic to believe that the solution could be achieved with just the power of love and positive thought. 

The answer to my riddle is that there is no meaning. I simply like guns and I like roses. I think it’s pretty and I wanted to decorate my body with a piece of art done by an incredibly talented up and coming artist. Jl ended up being not just a ridiculously talented tattoo artist but a beautiful soul to boot. Why do tattoos have to have a deep meaning or be symbolic of something? I am an artist and focus heavily on the aesthetics of the world. I like things to be pretty and that includes the skin that I am in. 


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