Who am I and why should you care?

Since deciding to ditch the moniker, Sassy Queer, and write pieces from my own mind and not hiding behind the exaggerated views of my bitchy alter ego I have been suffering from the most frustrating case of writer’s block.  I have no idea what it is that I should be writing about or what my tone or purpose is for my pieces or even for my blog as a whole, to be honest with you. If my piece starts to become too opinionated, I begin to doubt my position to be an authority or to believe that I have the social voice to influence an audience. This I am sure is all intertwined with much more significant issues and challenges that are part of who I am as a person and my lifelong struggle with very low self-esteem and various mental health conditions.

Then my writing would begin to lose authenticity. It began to sound like a late night infomercial, a paid advertisement piece designed to sell you something that you didn’t want, and as much as I loved Moira from Good Morning Australia I sure as hell did not want to become her.

My block has stretched on and on, and I haven’t produced anything worthy of publishing. To be honest, I haven’t actually finished any, I have made countless starts that now lay unfinished in my drafts folder that will never be ready to post. This little post will hopefully unblock my block and get me into a new flow with writing. Sometimes you need to talk about a problem for it to be fully resolved and put behind you.

I hope everybody has an amazing day, I’m off to get a tattoo off an amazing young artist that I am so excited about.


Stay sassy, be real



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