Our forever is over

First things first I want one thing to be noted 

This is not an apology that is not why I wrote it 

To be completely honest I’m not sure what I want this rhyme to be 

But lately you’ve been stuck on my mind so I guess this is my therapy 

It tears me up inside that I can’t have you in my life 

Like how can this be real? At one point I honestly thought you would become my wife 

The way we were was crazy and I don’t expect anyone to understand 

Our lives weren’t just interwoven we shared a single strand 

But our thread has split and our tapestry of life is frayed 

I don’t think we can ever repair all of the damages that we’ve made 
How can we forget all the nastiness that we’ve both displayed 

How can I trust again when you have made me feel so betrayed 

You always promised you would be there until the end 

That nothing that I did could stop me from being your friend 

But it seems you were wrong because I found the one exception 

One thing you couldn’t stand by that you forgot to mention 

For the longest time I blamed it on the guys we were dating 

Because your boo started shit with mine and my man couldn’t stop the hating 

But it came to a point where I had to accept that it wasn’t just because of them 

Our friendship wasn’t as special as we thought if it could be ended over men 

I tried and I tried to keep Holding on to our forever 

But you just wiped your hands of me – you were like whatever Trevor 

Instead using your efforts to reach a place of compromise 

A way that we could still have a place in each others lives 

You put all of your energy into playing the victim and giving me all of the blame 

I was willing to accept my portion but you couldn’t take yours and that’s a shame 

And thats when it was all over our foundations had begun to crumble 

Living without you was like learning to walk at first you are bound to stumble 

We had been nothing but in sync since the day our friendship started 

It was hard to stop myself from texting just to let you know that I farted 

With so many jokes between us every day was filled with painful reminders 

I didn’t want to let go I wanted to rewind us 

But with time and space comes healing 

And the power of foresight can be revealing 

But I don’t want to start slinging mud I don’t want to be a shady lady 

So I’m going to end this here and stay mum like Carole Brady

**drops mic and chucks deuces**


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