Feelin’ myself

Quite honestly I am loving myself sick in this snazzy little ensemble that I threw together the other day. 

​The shorts are from Topshop and are tough af. Legit getting so many compliments from randoms in the street got me feeling like a king. 

And just when you thought that surely this was as good as life can get, you find the out that it has a matching jacket and you can hardly believe that you haven’t died for surely this is heaven

You know what they say;

When in heaven, blow clouds

Nowtake a closer look at my slaying outfit and appreciate the pops of hot pink from my unicorn necklace, the flamingo on my my tee and my hat – camp and coordinated.  

Want to see my other pink bits?

Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant my hair

And my jockstrap

Such a high level of attention to detail should be applauded (and rewarded)

Slay it sisterrr.

Sassy queer 

Over and out 

Of the closet



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