Your new favourite meal


Eating booty like this must be what they mean when they say fine dining 

This rap is to let all the boys know my ones and only deal breaker….

Lunch is served. 

Generally I live by the rule that tables are for glasses not for asses,

But My booty got an exemption, i hold onto permenant hall passes 

Coz my ass is delicious a fine dining delicacy,

That’s why homies lining up hoping I’ll let them Taste my boy-pussy
And if I let them eat he only got one chance to eat it right

If he can’t make me moan then I say good night. 

I play it tit for tat I’m not like other whores

Means if you don’t blow my mind I won’t be blowing yours 

You need to learn that your If you’re going to be a lazy lover 

You are replaceable with like every single other brother  

If you ain’t hungry then don’t even bother

You know I need a man whos licky-lick can make a bad bitch hover 
All this talkin tough saying that don’t care

Sounding heartless like my chest is bare

Asking you to jump through all my hoops

Offering you no r ward for doing lpop de loops

I ain’t a hungry tiger for it like or other bitches 

But yeah I’ve dreamt about my wedding pictures 

If you want that for your future do this in the now 

Because It you don’t like to rim then we won’t be taking vows
(The wedding night is all about the ring bitches)q


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