Cut The Crop

If I had the power to reflect on past outfits and make edits to the story of my life…

This outfit would make the final crop. 

Its cute and casual done right 

And it was all purchased on the day 

…. from Cotton On.

Coming from a Sassy Queer who has had his fair share of impromptu sleepovers (don’t judge me), it is quite often the case that you’re slutty lil number that was perfect last night, isn’t quite so right now in the light of morning. You need to put together an outfit quick as you are always running late, you are on a budget after your weekend millionaire antics at the bar  just hours before, your head hurts and your vision is blurred and you really, really don’t want to see people you know. Often the resulting outfit is a thrown together mess that embraces Magyvar’s mentality of repurposing anything that you can possibly repurpose to protect your modesty but rarely ticks any boxes for style consciousness. 

Yesterday I took on the challenge

and I won

Take a closer look and judge for yourself 

Totally cute, right?


T-shirt and jeans is barely a groundbreaking combination, I know, but I think I managed to turn what is a fairly vanilla outfit into a look that tasted a little more like me
…. I don’t know what flavor I’d be. Something fruity and fun most likely.

 My love for the tee is 90%due to the cropped fit of it, without being skintight and making me feel more constricted than Kim Kardashians ass in a pair of xs yoga pants   
The other 10% was down to the super cute flamingo

Which coincidentally coordinated seamlessly with my unicorn necklace which has become my everyday staple. 

The cheeky peek of a flat stomach offsets the widening effect the stripes have meaning I didn’t feel self conscious all day which often happens.

Makeup was very minimal – just a liquid foundation, powder bronzer and eyebrow crayon picked up from the nearest supermarket 

I really didn’t need to buy another pair of black skinnies, I have so many near identical pairs at home that only I can see any difference in when they are worn. 

I wasn’t ready to be too fussy so I picked up a small looks by pair as I passed the rack, not even bothering to check fltheir exact size. 

So finding out that they fitted perfectly, had rips and eyelet details along the outseem of both legs was like winning a competition I didn’t even know that I entered. 

Everything was falling into place… even last nights experimental blue-ombr√© nail attempt tied in to bring the entire look  together 

Idek I just felt really cute and it all happened so effortlessly….

Or maybe I wasn’t yet sober and qualified to be making that call

Sassy Queer

Over and out 

(Of the closet) 


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