Oh where oh where could my baby be

One of the things that makes me saddest in life is losing my clothing…

I know it shouldn’t be that hard to manage, but I lose an alarming number of items…

I live a gypsy life, I travel from place to place and I like to carry outfit changes, even if I am just popping out to the shop…

I wish that last part was a joke, but sadly it is 100% true

Things get dropped, left, lost and borrowed…

This post is a memorial for some of my garments of eras passed, even though our chapter together has come to its end, I hope that it is not the end of your story.


Taken too soon

Gone but never forgotten


Green checker DKNY blazer.

This was purchased from an op shop but felt and looked as if it had been tailored specifically for me. It felt like fate and it was definitely love at first sight.


Tassel & Stud bag…

Who said I can’t have both tassels and studs?



Ankle-length houndstooth coat – H&M

This was not only a bargain buy at $10 (reduced from $200) But weighed almost as much as me so wearing it could be counted as excercise.


I borrowed this coat from a friend during an after-revs kick backs, and wore it home with no intention of ever returning it. After seeing me wear it one day, she aknowledged me as the coats true owner and my ownership was made official


Union Jack bag

This handbag is my all time favourite bag I have ever owned, the union jack was made from sequins and it was so Ginger Spice that it hurt…


Where did my pleather skinnies go?


Burras sweatshirt

This was a girlfriend of mine’s hoodie for her female footy team, don’t you love it just from hearing that sentence?… It was my go-to comfort clothing item but it was left at an Air B&B on the outside line. A lot of truly great items were lost on that dark day.


This was my mumma’s sweatshirt. The friend who stole this was the original owner of the fur coat I mentioned earlier so I accepted not getting this back as a trade


This was actually an outfit from one of my hair photoshoots very early on in my career when I would plan the concepts myself and fill the role of wardrobe stylist. I wore this out to a ‘back to school’ themed event that was on the same date as the actual shoot and Harry on the left is one of my best friends and the very talented photographer on that day.

*I totes wore it better (just sayin’)

bts photoshoot action





Spice Girls cap

This is my m0st painful loss. I had owned this hat since I was 7 years old. It was left at Revolver one night and I just hope that whoever found and claimed it as their own truly appreciates it for the rare treasure that it is.


*FAKE* Adidas leggings

My mummy bought me these out of a woman’s we calll the legging lady’s garage, out in the tiny town I grew up in . The girl who stole these from me is actually a missing person herself now, coincidentally, hopefully she wasn’t wearing my leggings when she vanished.


I went through a brief (but not brief enough) colour phase and this parka is one of the very few peices frfom that time that I really like. I left it in my best friend’s car and her brother wore it to a bush doof… we never saw it again

ps. The fish legginge have vanished also but I am not quite as sad about their dissappearance for them to warrant their own post


Teddy bear picnic shirt

Vanished without a trace.

I found this at an op shop the day before my first Groovin’ The Moo Festival that I attended. The day was ridic fun and I credit that to how fun this top was. Even Miley loves it and she knows fashion.


Everything I’m wearing in this photo is gone

  • green parachute jumper (colour phase)
  • pleather pants
  • soft leather, crocodile-look Dr Martins (I still have one, taunting me and acting as a painful reminder)


My cheerleading shorts are gone, too…

But it looks as though they may have been eaten by my hungry arse…


Sadly, this isn’t even all of the casualties suffered, there are many other pieces, with stories all too similar to what you have just read. If you happen to know the whereabouts of any of the missing pieces or can assist in there safe return, your assistance and cooperation could be duly rewarded.


Please help

I just want them home..

Sassy Queer

Over & out

(of the closet)


images from www.instagram.com/stevie_h91

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