There are two types of people… 

In this world we have two very distinct types of people. We have our Kendall’s and we have our Kylie’s.

They first graced our screens as the cheeky tween siblings of the Kardashian sisters and we have since watched them grow into two gorgeous women with their own sense of style very distinct from the other.

Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself as one of the new generation supermodels and has walked for the biggest names in the fashion industry. Kendall is a natural beauty and tends not to play around with her hair and makeup looks too much and her fashion choices are high end and classical.

Her day to day outfits are heavily made up of designer pieces, no doubt personal gifts from the plethora of designers who adore her. They are chic, coordinated pieces that she puts together to form polished looks. Kendall is rarely sloppy.

Kylie Jenner is much more liberated and open to playing with her looks, starting lip injections before she was even 18 and changing her hair colour more often than some people change their outfits, largely thanks to wigs.

And as for makeup, King Kylie has a growing empire in the industry with her own line that started with lip colors and has since grown. Kylie looks well beyond her years thanks to her expertly applied full face but lately has been more chilled out about her need to hide behind all that slap.

Kylie with and without makeup. 

Her street style choices definitely have more of a ghetto fab feel to them – she is happy to look like a hoodrat ho. The girl is crazy sexy and not afraid to flaunt her hot bod

Kylie is loved up with on/ off beau Tyga which gives her a chance to show off her impeccable date night dressing – she knows we how to keep a playas attention

And she is very happy too give the world a front row seat to her passionate relationship

Kendall is much more private when it comes to her love life, a very rare trait in her family. There have even been rumors that she is secretly a lesbian and it is much more common to see her court side with her girls than out on a date night

 You should by now know if you are a Kendall or a Kylie, and also be able to identify the people you encounter during your day as one or the other. This is a very handy tool to have because it can help as a guide for ways to approach situations and predict the reactions of the person.

For example, in a confrontation a Kendall will shy away and feel incredibly anxious and uncomfortable rendering them unable to say how they truly feel. A Kylie on the other hand is like a firework. All it takes is a spark to fire them up and they will be on the offense without proper thought. Knowing this, we can approach situations with potential to become nasty or uncomfortable in a way as to keep the person we are speaking to open and receptive.

Try this in your life… it works? I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know your thoughts on my nifty tool and any situations you can see it working in or other traits or responses that can be identified by using it.

And as if it wasn’t totes obvious, I’m a Kylie. 

Sassy Queer 

Over and out 

(Of the closet) 


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