Dress code: festive 

So you get an invite to a Christmas party with the dress code listed as festive. 

Your brain immediately goes to the most obvious outfit….


It’s a classic choice and a favorite of many. 

Heidi Klum 

Miley as always has her own take on the costume

Paris Hilton has never met a costume she didn’t like… sexy santa is no exception

Tyra Banks 

We all owe Victoria’s Secret a thank you for making this magic happen on Giselle Bundchen

Well well Pamela… you can jingle my bells 

Ariana Grande

Katie Price is another celebrity who never misses a chance to play dress up

Victoria’s Secret get a standing ovation for giving us the gift of Candice Swanepol wearing this 

But what if the sexy look isn’t appropriate for the event 

Sure there are some Christmas outfit ideas that are more office party appropriate 

Take Jessica Simpson’s Santa suit for example

Katy Perry shows us her snowballs without flashing too much flesh

A festive headpiece can be pared with any outfit you like 

But costumes aren’t always appropitiate and can leave you red faced when you get it wrong 

Like that time Madonna came dressed as a Christmas tree. 

To make sure you don’t end up looking like a plum pudding this festive season, here are my top looks to have you Christmas party ready this December 


Selena Gomez nails the trend in her little red number, but it’s a color that can easily look cheap. Too avoid a tacky disaster choose a deeper wine shade. Above the knee says that you are ready to party or you can up the glam factor by dropping the hem to the floor. 


The uniform of an angel 

Gold is luxe af and suits warm skin tones best so don’t be afraid to get your tan on before slipping into anything golden. 


Sequins in any colour are always a great party option but there is something that I find extra special about green sequins for Christmas. The colour is also a great break from the sea of red so wearing all green is a great way to stand out from the crowd 


While it is unlikely for a white Christmas to happen in the heat of the Australian summer an all white outfit is still a perfect December look. 


Nicki Minaj puts a bow on her panties because her ass is a present but you can apply the bow to a whole outfit and become someone’s favorite Christmas gift 

If all else fails and you find yourself on the morning of your party with nothing to wear that evokes any thought of Christmas there is always the trusty last minute trick that almost everybody has resorted to at least once…

You’re foolproof $2 solution. 

Works every time 

Sassy Queer 

Over and out 

(Of the closet)


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