Gigi outfit roundup 

The AMA’S are always an opportunity for celebrities to take a red carpet risk and this year they certainly did not disappoint. But all eyes were on Miss Gigi Hadid as she took center stage to host the night, but how did her outfit choices hold up on the night? This is my verdict starting with my least fave look of the Victoria’s Secret stunner

This outfits case is not helped at all by the photo I am using to form my judgement but the look is too Texas newsreader for me to take it seriously. And that assymetrical tassel? I am firmly of the viewpoint that such a bold detail needs to be committed to 100% or left off the outfit all together. 

This is cute af but if you take away the bling and look past Gigi’s legs is it not just a onesie tracksuit? No matter how much razzle dazzle you try to distract us with, a drawstring sweatsuit is just far too casual to host an awards show in. 

Maybe I’m being pedantic but I can’t stop staring at the misshapen hemline of this dress. The cutouts keep the look sexy and her shoes are enough to save her from my wrath – they honestly soay so hard they could be responsible for killing the alligator that died to make this outfit. 

Okay, we get it. Gigi looks great in a sophisticated yet sexy get up so girlfriend is going to keep pushing the look as hard as xtina pushes the bandage dress. But I think we need to acknowledge the obvious fact that whoever is doing her hair and make up clearly is not her friend. 

Mathis dress is what the wheel of fortune girl would wear during a Las Vegas special episode. It’s beyond tacky, the construction of the garment doesn’t make any sense, I love sequins and I love everything that is happening here. Only question is, can I buy a vowel?

Honestly, even though I adore the trashy red number more than you can imagine, the supermodel is one Gigi-gantic babe in this sheer, lace doily number. Her hair here is great, this is how I am assuming she was supposed to look all night. She looks like an angel and this outfit is heaven 


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