First let me refresh your memory on how the game works.Outfits will be ruthlessly judged by me, a self-diagnosed fashion addict. I may be scathing and brutally honest, but I also can not help but to gush when an outfit is oh-so-right. If I deem the outfit to fall into the ‘I die’ pile, you have played my life with whatever it is that you are serving up. But if you here‘bye bye’you better run for cover because you are about to get read for filth.

This round’s battle ground is Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday bash. Lets jump straight in to it, with the birthday girl herself, who wore 2 looks on the night

Kendall Jenner

jumpsuit Yass kween
yasss Bow down, peasants I die

This outfit is all kinds of sexy and doesn’t she know it? She looks like she could be a super hero/ evil villain/ snake/…

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