my sassy outfit


Excuse the messy room, housekeeping are yet to arrive…But you probably didn’t even notice the mess because you were too busy coveting my outfit.


I know, I know..the fur is sassy af so it totally suits me. My friends saw it in a shop and had to buy it for me, because I’m the sassiest queer on the block.

I have the exact same vest in grey, too. Wearing fur lets the basics of the world know that you are 2 sassy 4 them which saves the hassle of them attempting to start a conversation with you.

This is a sassy vest. I’m a sassy guy.

Match made in heaven tbh


the boots…

outfit2 copy.jpg

I know, totally cute, right?

They were a steal, a rare cute find from bargain retailer Rubi Shoes

They only stock up to a size 40, which doesn’t quite cut it for Mr Bigfoot

I got them anyway, determined to make them work

I begin my struggle


It won’t fit

but I won’t be defeated

I stop, I pose, I have a think…


Inspiration strikes

SoI leave the sides undone to make more tootsie room


Now I’m jumping 4 joy because I love my boots and I feel like I have worked for it


My T-Shirt is special…

I made it myself and I love it…

I’m actually beginning to sell clothing that I’m making so message if you are interested


It says a bad word on it



Kris Jenner, pls don’t sue me


The jeans are from Neuw and I got them already ripped from an op shop

And thats todays look


Understandably, you will look like me in the photo above right now – the amaze outfit

no doubt you are sad because you want my outfit

photo-on-13-11-2016-at-1-39-pm-9but look how happy I am

the level of happiness you can only feel when you are super on fleek

so you can’t have the outfit

unless you buy a tee – $30

contact here with orders and custom enquires

Any way, I got to sassy strut off out the door now


Sassy Queer

Over and Out

(Of the closet)


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