Celebrity lookalike – Hailey Baldwin



I sincerely hope you managed to avoid drink spills all night, I would hate for you to not get your security deposit returned…

On your hired slutty pirate wench costume.


I didn’t realise money was so tight that you would be forced into committing this cringe-inducing, fashion faux pas

Kaptain Kendall should make you walk the plank for your totally obvious outfit repeat, seriously Halloween was like two days before the party.

Did you even have time to wash it between wears?

And as this was not worn on halloween, the ‘slut-rule’ can’t protect you, and the other girls have free reign to say what they please*


*not that I never have nor will I ever condone slut-shaming

Don’t take it personally tho babes

I’m not saying this to be mean, I just spout the facts as I see them

Don’t let this happen again, I’ll be watching.

mimi not sorry.gif
(I’m totally not sorry)

Sassy Queer over and out

(of the closet)



3 thoughts on “Celebrity lookalike – Hailey Baldwin

  1. I have to disagree with you on this one. I think it’s cutesy. *covers half face with hand over cheek-while whispering so no one can lip read* “I don’t have that much ermmm ‘Fashion Sense’, if ya know what I mean? None! HAHA! Shame.


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