Celeb lookalike – King Kylie

I’m not saying King Kylie doesn’t look amazing but…

So Kendall Jenner had her 21st birthday party just the other night, everybody looked amazing, as you would expect when the guest list reads like a tabloid magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful People‘ issue. Kylie, with her lace-up leather pants, sheer top and killer rack was no exception to this.

However this photo happens to remind me of a movie moment I’m sure no woman would like to be compared to…

From the movie, White Chicks

Is it just me that sees the resemblance?

And then there is her blatantly obvious and uncanny resemblence of a Bratz Doll, most specifically Chloe, which sees them looking more and more like identical twins with each passing day.

Do you agree? Do you see something else that Ky may be mimicking? Let me know in the comments section below


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